Today, 24th Nov 2019 marked an important milestone in the history of the tourism industry of Maldives as it welcomed its 1.5th million tourist for the year 2019.

The Maldivians undertook voluntary work in order to build their own airport, and in 1966 Male saw the first commercial landing. The few adventurous travellers who came to the Maldives in the following years were limited to exploring the pristine islands close to Male’ atoll. The natural and untouched beauty of the islands started to appeal to an increasing number of inquisitive travellers and tourism in the Maldives has grown exponentially ever since, especially after the inception of seaplane operation in 1993.

Seaplanes are considered to be a unique experience in the Maldives and played a pivotal role in the overall growth of the tourism industry in the country.

We at Trans Maldivian Airways take pride in being the preferred transfer partner on this occasion, and it is our honor to serve and continue to be a crucial part of Maldives Tourism Infrastructure for the years to come.