Trans Maldivian Airways services include resort transfers, photo flights, private charter, excursions and medical evacuation flights.

    • Photo flights – The standard photo flight package starting and finishing at the airport includes a 15-minute flyover. It is a very popular charter service and comes at a reasonable price

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      Resort transfers


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      MEDEVAC flight

      MEDEVAC flight
    • Resort transfers – Transfer of guests to and from contracted resorts on scheduled flights
    • Private charter – This is mainly for VIP guests or those who require dedicated flights to and from any destination of preference. This is catered for based on the requirement. These charters also include Top VIP charters on our VIP configured aircraft to provide the ultimate luxury
    • Excursions – Full day and half day excursions to uninhabited islands or sandbanks are the best way to enjoy a picnic with your team, family or partner
    • MEDEVAC flight – Medical Evacuation flights provided upon requests for medical emergencies. These include stretcher cases and cases where the patient is seated on the aircraft depending on the severity of the case