TMA Restarts Employee Recognition Program, Honors Outstanding Employees

At Trans Maldivian Airways, we always believe in a culture of achievement and recognition, hence we do celebrate when our employees deliver above & beyond in serving our clients, fellow colleagues or the company. After a period of silence during the Covid Pandemic, we have now re-started our Employee Recognition Program, across the company.

We recently held our company-wide award ceremony for outstanding performance demonstrated by our employees during the times of pandemic, by going an extra mile serving the demands of the time under dire conditions. This is just a re-start of the TMA Employee Recognition program that sets the tone and paves the way for a finer bonding and enhanced engagement culture that we are thriving to have at all times among all teams in the time to come.

It’s our employees and teams that deliver a service excellence to our exclusive clientele in a challenging and demanding set up here in the Maldives – the Sunny side of life.  Each and every client is of utmost importance to our company, thus understanding their different needs and service standards, and delivering our services to their optimum satisfaction is the core in our operations. Therefore, we believe that employee engagement and a culture of recognition for people is crucial in a dynamic business environment like ours.

A simple ‘thank you’ is often all it takes to show appreciation to anyone. We go beyond, and have three levels of recognition to say ‘thank you’ for good deeds performed by our employees beyond their call of duty in delivering and serving our clients, fellow colleagues or the company.  Department level recognition, and company-wide recognition that steered by a ‘Recognition Committee’ are monthly events where any one can nominate any employee for their extraordinary contributions.  Annual Awards for excellence is an event that encompasses all great performance across the year.

At TMA, we recognize efforts tied to more than just performance, and it is our understanding that recognizing efforts openly boosts employee morale and amplifies the sense of achievement exceptionally. Therefore, whilst congratulating all 99 team mates those who received awards this time for their exemplary efforts during the past two years, we wish to continue with the cheerful culture of recognition at Trans Maldivian Airways, again and again, in the time to come!