Trans Maldivian Airways supports The Atoll Challenge

Trans Maldivian Airways supports The Atoll Challenge

Did you know that with eighteen percent of the population, the Maldives has the world’s highest incidence rate of Thalassaemia?

This inherited disorder that affects the body’s ability to produce red blood cells, if left untreated, is deadly serious. The treatment involves removing excess iron that builds up in the body through regular blood transfusions that patients are getting. Each desferal treatment takes between eight and twelve hours and normally needs to be done twice a month.

To take some financial burden off the affected families’ shoulders, Trans Maldivian Airways is proud to announce its sponsorship of The Atoll Challenge fundraising campaign. Starting at Kuredu Resort & Spa, The Atoll Challenge team will paddle a distance of over 165 kilometers in sea kayaks around the Lhaviyani Atoll in order to raise awareness about Thalassaemia, and to raise enough funds to purchase fifty desferal pumps to plug the shortage that currently exists in the country.

Trans Maldivian Airways is proud to be able to support the campaign and contribute its share to the well-being of the Maldivians in need. The company has been supporting the Maldivian Thalassaemia Society by providing complimentary seats to their members for many years, and in line with The Atoll Challenge fundraising event, you can now find two donation boxes at the terminal. Guests and team members are encouraged to make a donation, and we will do our best to support the noble event with additional activities aimed at raising sufficient funds.

Find more information about The Atoll Challenge and other projects with the local communities that TMA is involved in, and please help us raise awareness about this serious condition by sharing this post with your friends. Together we can make a difference!

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Published on: Mar 3, 2014