Life of a Pilot

Life of a Pilot

Take a sneak peek into the lives of Transmaldivian pilots as they share they views from the cockpit with you in a series of interviews and articles.

  • Captain Andrew Faar: Flying Footloose

Read the article featuring Transmaldivian and captain Andrew Farr, published in Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia (, February 2014 issue, or download the PDF file here.

  • Interview with Captain Hussain Shafaz (Jarey)

Q: How did you begin your flying career with TMA?
A: My passion has always been flying; as a teenager, I attended interviews at TMA twice to become a Cabin Crew, but both times I was rejected. However, I never gave up my efforts; I was lucky enough to be selected at the third attempt in the year 2004.

Q: How did you become a Captain?
A: I served as a Cabin Attendant for three tough years. With the limited number of crews but in a rapidly growing company, we had utmost dedication to survive because of our passion towards this profession. I was never late a single day, and had no fuss in any rough condition to fulfil my duty obligations. Due to this commitment, I was spotted and financially assistant by some of my family members to obtain my pilot’s license.

Q: How do you enjoy your work today?
A: Flying is my life, and I do not feel any toil on lifting bags or any rough condition as long as I am a part of the flying crew of this beautiful seaplane operation; TMA is my home.

Q: How do you help your juniors at work?
A: I have no hesitation in helping deserving youngsters in the industry as I was supported by nice people who lent their hands towards me.

Q: How do you perceive TMA today?
A: It’s a wonderful story; I see a remarkable development and good spirit among colleagues. We are in the right track with a good image today.

Q: Any message that you would like to mention?
A: What goes around comes around… both, we as employees and the company as the employer got to be generous… so that we will see generous outcomes.

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