Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Why should I take a TMA Seaplane?

Trans Maldivian Airways (TMA) represents the Spirit of Maldives – we aim to provide a unique and friendly experience through each interaction, while our seaplanes offer the best vantage point for stunning sights that only Maldives can provide.

We are the fastest and most convenient mode of transfer making a substantial part of Maldives easily accessible to the world.

We are partners to the one-island, one-resort concept of Maldives. We work closely with resorts to make your experience the most pleasurable from the time you land.

Where do I make a reservation for a TMA seaplane?

Resort Transfers – All resort transfer reservations are made through our partner resorts. When you make your holiday booking with your travel agent / tour operator / or resort, please ask them about the mode of transfer and request for a TMA Seaplane transfer. TMA serves more than 60 resorts in Maldives.

Charter Flight – Should you require a dedicated aircraft for your transfer to the resort, please request this at the time of booking the holiday with your travel agent/ tour operator/ resort. We do provide this service to the resorts upon request.

Photo Flights – We do scenic tour photo flights showing beautiful Maldives. For more information, please email us at

Fares for Individual Travellers (FIT) rates for walk-in customers – please note that this is subject to availability and we do not take advance reservations for these. For more information, please email us at

Is it true that TMA Seaplane cannot fly at night?

Yes, the uniqueness of flying in these conditions, landing on & taking-off from water, permits us to fly only from sunrise to sunset. Most importantly, the splendour of Maldives is most evident with the sun beating down on the pristine blue waters, dotted with a string of small islands.

Arrival: If you would like to reach your resort on the same day, please plan to arrive Maldives by 15:30 (LT). If you are unable to find an international flight which gets you here in time, you could also spend a night in Male or Hulhumale and see what the local life is like.

Departure: We take care of all guests who have their scheduled international flight departure time after 9 AM.
(However, based on mutual understanding, we are happy to confirm positive connectivity with all Oman Air flights to and from the Maldives as an exception. Subject to conditions agreed with partner resorts.)

What is the Baggage allowance on a TMA Seaplane?

The standard permissible weight is 25 kg, which includes 20 kg of checked-in luggage and 5 kg of hand luggage per person. The weight for any bag should not exceed 32 kg. The per kg charge for baggage above the permissible limit is USD 5.00/- plus applicable taxes.

Will I have to wait long at the Terminal for my seaplane transfer to the Resort?

Our entire team recognizes that you may have taken a long flight to reach the beautiful Maldives and are eager to reach your luxurious resort. Our operations are tuned to keep your comfort & pleasure in mind while you wait.

Apart from taking a comfortable seat and enjoying the view of our unique operations, for your comfort & entertainment we have the following facilities at our terminal –
• TMA Food and Beverage Service
• TMA Souvenir Shop
• Board Games (pick up & play)
• Designated Smoking Area

I have heard that the luggage doesn’t always go with the passenger. Is that true?

On most occasions your luggage will go along with you. However, there are very few occasions where luggage will arrive after you have been transferred. In such cases we will inform you before your flight departure and allow the passenger to carry necessary items from offloaded luggage (in a TMA souvenir bag). Please be assured that the luggage will be delivered to the destination on the next available flight on which there is space.

Can surf boards equipment be carried on board a TMA seaplane?

If you would like to carry oversized equipment for your holiday pleasure, we would need you to charter a flight since due to limitations in the size of the cabin/ luggage compartment, we cannot accommodate on a schedule flight.

Do infants require a separate seat?

We transfer infants below the age of two year, free of charge. There is no separate seat allocated for the infants due to legal requirements. Correspondingly, there is also no additional baggage allowance for the infant also.

What can I carry on my hand luggage?

Make sure you carry emergency and essential items such Medicines, clothing’s for you to change no sooner you reach the resort (in case the luggage is not carried along with you) or even the beach clothing.

I love Trans Maldivian Airways. How do I join it?

Please email us your resumes with a cover letter at and we will get back to you soon with a match to your profile.