Flight Safety

Flight Safety

Compliance with regulations and quality standards

Trans Maldivian Airways is fully compliant with the Civil Aviation Authority rules and regulations in the Maldives and is the holder of the following approvals:

Maldivian Air Operator Certificate Holder (AOC) – ref – AOC. No. 005
Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) – ref – MV.MG.003
Maldives Civil Aviation Regulations – MCAR 145 – ref – MV.145.025

These approvals allow TMA to operate and carry out all operations and engineering maintenance activities for the DHC-6 aircraft.

JET A-1 fuel is supplied by the Maldives Airports Authority, which is under strict quality control of British Petroleum, and free from any contamination.

Trans Maldivian Airways has raised the Quality Standards in Maintenance and Operations of aircraft by adding several in-house inspection schedules to our de Havilland aircraft fleet and initiating regular recurrent Crew Resource Management and rated type training programs for pilots of de Havilland aircraft. We have recently inducted the new 400 series and overhauled aircraft in our fleet which comprises of DHC-6 Twin Otter 300 series aircraft completely overhauled as new by world class organisation in Europe in compliance with all manufacturers maintenance schedules.

Rigorous Quality and Safety audits are conducted by the Quality Department at regular intervals to ensure that each Department in Engineering and Operations is in full compliance with all Standard Operating Procedures. This adds to the safety and quality of TMA aircraft in day-to-day operations and makes it more reliable and safe to fly.

TMA has a policy to use manufacturer’s recommended aviation products and follow the aviation industry best maintenance practices which are regulated by a force of well qualified Quality Management staff and safety oversight by the Maldives Civil Aviation Authority.

Visit the Maldivian Civil Aviation Authority website to read more about the regulatory environment in which TMA operates: www.caa.gov.mv

Trans Maldivian Airways Maintenance engineering and operations

TMA has a diverse pool of highly skilled engineers and technicians from various parts of the world, each bringing their own share of valuable aviation expertise. The recruitment standards for our engineers stipulate a minimum of an ICAO type-1 and ICAO type-2 license or a Maldivian Civil Aviation license (similar standard to EASA -66 licenses).

In addition to the scheduled inspections required by de Havilland and the regulatory authorities, TMA carries out full refurbishing of the aircraft on a regular basis. We are proud to have more than twenty years of maintenance experience on TMA-operated aircrafts (DHC-6 Twin Otter) and have shown continuous improvement in performance and level of maintenance on the aircraft, through staff development and application of Safety Management and Quality Management principles.

TMA conducts in-house training using a full-time training manager for engineers and technicians. It also provides specific courses, with required factory training, to enable apprentices to attain their Maldives Civil Aviation Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License.

TMA exceeds de Havilland’s maintenance schedules to ensure the operation and maintenance of our aircraft is always compliant with all specifications and regulatory requirements. TMA has upgraded the Avionics Package on its fleet of aircraft with latest modern instruments like ASPEN, GNS 330/430/530 and INDIGO SAT on board which adds to safety and better navigational flying aspects of the aircraft and makes it simpler and more comfortable for pilots to fly.