Dive & Snorkel

Dive & Snorkel

The diving and snorkeling experiences in the Maldives are as good as they get. Deemed the best year-round diving and snorkeling destination in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is every ocean-lover’s dream. The fantastic diving here is attributed to the ocean currents that breathe life into one of the world’s most diverse marine ecosystems.

The Maldives is part of an extensive underwater mountain range with vivid corals around the rims of these ancient volcanoes. Coral reefs cover less than one tenth of a percent of the sea bottom, yet are vital because they are nursery to twenty-five percent of all known marine species.

When planning a holiday in the Maldives, the stunning underwater images probably cross almost everyone’s mind. The dive and snorkeling centers in the Maldives are said to be professional, attentive and put a big emphasis on safety, and, as such, are a perfect choice for those who are interested what lies beneath the water surface.

The dive centers offer activities ranging from Discover Scuba sessions and beginners courses right up to professional scuba diving courses. With new dive sites still being discovered, seasonal whale sharks and magical dives with manta rays, it is hardly surprising that many divers return year after year.

Similarly, an exciting adventure awaits the snorkelers. Most of the reefs are shallow and can easily be discovered from the surface with just a mask and fins. Swimming through big schools of fish or coming eye-to-eye with a clown fish, whale shark or a manta ray is many visitors’ holiday highlight and since the reefs are on our doorstep, not plunging in would be an opportunity missed.